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Our Consulting Focus Areas


We are specialists in the Pet Industry. Our focus and our skills are in developing winning strategies to achieve your goals, in crafting detailed and effective plans and in providing the support to implement these plans in the market place.


We have in-depth knowledge of the European and North American markets, the players in the distribution channels, as well as understanding the consumer to enable you to grow your business profitably.



Our services include:


    » Business and Marketing Strategy
    • Creation of differentiated strategies
    • Company Strategy
    • Marketing and Sales strategies
    • Pricing and Margin strategies
    • Innovation Strategy
    • Internationalisation Strategies

    » Sales and Marketing
    • Creation of Market and Sales concepts
    • Communications and Promotions
    • Sales Force optimisation
    • Sales Efficiency Improvement

    » Brand and Product Strategy
    • Brand Positioning, Differentiation and development of USPs
    • Brand communication adaptation
    • Marketing and Promotions strategy and Planning
    • Legal, Regulatory and Intellectual Property issues

    » Market Entry and Expansion
    • Market evaluation
    • Channel strategies
    • Distributor search, evaluation and management
    • Brand, price and market strategies
    • Logistics and customer service

    » Channel Management
    • Evaluation of Channels
    • Routes to market
    • Identification, evaluation and selection of distribution partners

    » Mergers and Acquisitions
    • M&A Strategy
    • Candidate search and evaluation
    • Sales process management
    • Consulting support and advice throughout the process
    • Implementation and integration support
    • Communications


Mergers & Acquisitions


M&A is a key strategic element for many companies today as it creates the foundations for future growth in what are challenging economic times.

Often acquiring new technologies and skills, increasing capacity or entering new markets can best be achieved by acquisition. It can speed up developments and reduce the cost and risk of building new businesses yourself.

Equally, there are often situations where businesses, products and brands, IP or factories no longer fit with the company’s strategy. Disposing of them can release capital and resources that can be invested more profitably in other areas.

We have considerable experience in Mergers and Acquisition projects in the pet industry and can help you through the complexities of the process.








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